Breakfast Packages
Breakfast Snack
Donuts, Sweet Rolls, Danishes and Coffee  $3.95
Continental Breakfast
Assorted Muffins, Bagels and Sweet rolls
Jellies, Margarine, Cream Cheese
Fresh Fruit Platter
Juice, Coffee and Water       $7.25
Hot Breakfast Buffet
Scrambled Eggs
Choice of meat; sausage or ham
Breakfast Potatoes
French Toast or Pancakes      $6.75
House Special
Choice of Bacon-Swiss Quiche or Baked Spanish Omelet
Fresh Fruit Assortment
Croissants and Muffins        $6.50
Bagged Breakfast
Choice of Muffin or Bagel, Piece of Fruit, Yogurt and Juice    $6.50
Health Watcher's Breakfast
Whole Wheat Bagel or Bran Muffin with Honey and Margarine
Fresh Fruit, Yogurt and Juice  $6.75 
A La Carte
Fresh Fruit Platter:  $2.75                   
Piece of Fruit:  $1.25
Yogurt:  $1.15
Yogurt-granola-berry Parfait:  $2.50
Cereal with Whole Milk:  $3.25
Bagels, Croissants, Danishes or Muffins:  $2.75
Call (231) 777-5600 or 578-3461 for booking information.
Coffee $1.15
Juice:  $1.75
Water:  $1.00
Starbucks or Organic Coffee:  $2.00